Орск, ул. Нефтяников, д. 2

AMG spoke wheel, Style III (D); single-piece, 8.5J x 18 ET 44, tyre size 245/45 (sterling silver)

Производитель Mercedes Benz
Артикул B6 603 12 40
color: sterling silver<br>The essential advantages of AMG light-alloy wheels: #Optimum cooling of the brakes as a result of improved ventilation and the material's outstanding thermal conductivity. #Well-balanced handling as a result of reduced unsprung masses and excellent smooth running. #Better lateral traction and enhanced steering precision. #Optimised roadholding in conjunction with wide-base tyres. #Underlines the sporty appearance of the vehicle. #We recommend having the wheels fitted by a Mercedes-Benz workshop.
Доп. Описание
C 215 from 09/2002, C 215 from 10/1999 , W 220 fr : for FA + RA

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